Story 1

Encounter at the Bar de la Régence

Submerged in the darkness of his office, Yoshiro finds himself strangely disconnected from everyday reality, a figure among many in the merciless world of corporate life. One evening, driven by a compelling desire to break free from monotony, he finds himself drawn into the nocturnal streets of Umeda. There, under a bright moon, he discovers a parallel universe where strategy and introspection converge in an extraordinary game of chess. This experience, going beyond mere play, becomes a journey of revelation, where each move resonates with the echoes of a personal quest. Between the shadows of skyscrapers and the moonlight, Yoshiro embarks on an introspective adventure that confronts him with the complexity of existence and the search for his own self.

Story 2

Pride or the Champion's Soul

On the way to the biggest tournament of his life, Takeshi, the world champion of ōgi, faces an unexpected opponent during a nighttime train journey. This mysterious stranger, with her simultaneously seductive and disconcerting style, pushes him to his limits and leads him into a struggle that goes beyond the mere game board. As the train moves through the night, the duel turns into a test of mental and physical endurance, severely challenging Takeshi's nerves. Amid palpable tension, hidden stakes, and shocking revelations, this train journey is a trial he is not ready to forget.