Urban Legend

It is said that in Japan, in the Kansai region, when the full moon shines high in the sky, a creature with bewitching charms appears, seeking to attract lost passers-by.

Beautiful and mysterious, Komayo seduces the unfortunate with her irresistible allure. She then offers them a game of ogi, a variation of the traditional Japanese chess. Those who accept her invitation soon find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of thrilling play.

Komayo, smiling, stands near an exhausted opponent who has fallen asleep next to the ogi board.

However, as the game continues, they begin to feel a strange fatigue that gradually seeps into their bones, eventually forcing them to succumb to an inescapable sleep.

It's during this deep sleep that Komayo reveals her true nature. She absorbs their vital energy, leaving behind only an empty shell of her former vitality. The souls of these unfortunate victims, now transformed into yūrei, are condemned to an endless journey. Tormented by the irresistible desire to see Komayo again and the hope of completing their unfinished ogi game, they wander eternally in a state of unfulfilled desire and unfulfilled regret.

The stories of her victims serve as a warning against the allure of the unknown and the reckless pursuit of pleasure. It's a caution that echoes through the ages, a reminder of the fine line that separates desire from destruction.